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*NEW* Zoom Kids Yoga classes

With almost 1 in 10 primary aged children affected by mental health conditions; 

A specially designed yoga programme for Kids to learn and explore playfully

Why learn Yoga?​​

Develop body awareness

Improve concentration and focus

Develop creativity

Empathy and Compassion

Able to regulate emotions 

Increase confidence and self esteem

Mindfulness skills

Build co-ordination

Better sleep quality

Learn skills that can be applied to every day life

What type of Yoga do you teach children?
I trained in Rishikesh (India) at Rishikul Yogshala School (Yoga alliance accredited). I teach Hatha and Vinyasa yoga to children.

What happens in the Yoga class?

We focus on the true essence of what Hatha yoga is. At the beginning we chant OM which is a sound vibration used in Meditation. Certain postures (asanas) are learnt in Sanskrit names such as “savasana” (lying down and relaxing) and “Namasta” (to say thank you), whilst others in English (such as snake, cat, dog). We also learn about mudras (hand positions) that aid meditation. We practice mindfulness through mind and body awareness techniques. We play games, we learn to respect our bodies and being kind to ourselves and others.

What is your teaching technique?

My aim is to bring yoga to children through the 8 limbs; asanas (yoga postures), working on balance, focus and concentration, becoming mindful of your breath (pranayama breathing techniques), meditation, relaxation, mind-body coordination, learning about compassion and kindness to self and others.

Where do I teach?

I teach groups of children from ages 3 - 11 years. Classes vary between 30-45 minutes depending on the age group.

I currently teach online via Zoom. Click here to enquire about kids yoga classes


These are based on the 8 limbs of yoga:

Yama – kindness to others

Niyama – kindness to self

Asana – yoga postures

Pranayama – breathing techniques

Pratyahara - relaxation

Dharana - concentration

Dhyana - meditation

Samadi – feeling connected

Above all, we laugh and have a lot of fun together!

                                 << It is not so much about perfecting the asana (yoga posture) as it is feeling it >>                   

Everyone’s body is different and every day your body will be different! Through Yoga we are teaching to respect our bodies and what it can offer us today. Yes the yoga postures should be practised correctly, but at the beginning stages it is okay if they are not 100%, we are teaching the children what Yoga is by developing their inner sense of well-being and practising safely in a way that honours their bodies and mind. As their minds open up to Yoga, so will their practise develop!   

Kids Yoga class Reviews:

"Thank you Vaishali for teaching the kids with so much patience. Really enjoyed the last class doing yoga along with the kids!"  (parent)

"AA is always showing us what she has learnt in the yoga class. She really loves coming to your classes!" (parent)

"Thank you for all your efforts and making us such proud parents!" 

"The other day my child was showing me the 'padma mudra' she had learnt in class. I am so happy with your teaching, thank you!"

"Dear Vaishali, we are lucky to have you around. Thank you very much for your patience and hard work. Always looking forward to seeing how much my child has learnt and progressed"

"So great to see N has learnt soo much through the yoga classes, really makes us parents feel proud. Thank you so much for your great patience to teach the kids. They definitely love coming together every week with you"