Schools and Colleges: Inset days/Staff training


Workshops offered:

  • Self-care and Well-being

  • Stress and Anxiety

  • Mindfulness for Children

  • Yoga therapy for anxiety

  • Recognising domestic violence against fathers

Let's start a conversation - "It's okay to not be okay"

                                            To start a conversation: raising awareness and understanding of mental health in the workplace.
                                            We all have mental health, and sometimes, like our physical health, it can become unwell.


                                            To cultivate a culture of well-being within the school where mental health conversations can be                                                 had. A whole school approach; providing staff and employees the tools and resources to look     
                                             after their own mental health first and then able to help and support others within the school
                                             including children and parents.






  • "One in 83 teachers (3,750) are on long-term leave for

         stress and mental health issue"

  • "According to a recent study of suicide by occupation in England....
    Nursery and primary school teachers are at greater risk"

  • "Ill-health among working age people costs the economy
    £100 billion"

  • "Sickness absence costs employers £9 billion a year"

The workshops offered are based on a prevention model of Psycho-education


 Workshops are 60-90 minutes. Please call to discuss your needs and we will be
 happy to help.

What is the aim?
How can it help?
How much does it cost?
Did you know...

Reduce staff sickness

Increase staff mental health and well-being

Increase awareness and knowledge on self-care

Learn mindfulness and relaxation techniques

Build resilience and assertiveness

Understand personal and professional boundaries

As per the Government Green paper: Oversee the help the school gives to pupils with mental health problems

Help staff to spot pupils who show signs of mental health problems

Offer advice to staff about mental health

Refer children/staff/parents to specialist services if they need to

Skills in how to support families where parents or their children have a higher risk of developing a mental health problem

Resources and signposting to relevant help and support

This will mean that schools will find it much easier to contact and work with mental health services and better support
their pupils.


Well-being should be a fundamental priority in all schools

Past workshops 

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For further information please see below:

Yoga Nidra workshop

Self care workshop



“I loved the self care workshop today, Vaishali has such a calm way about her and it made me feel very quickly at ease. The session was very well structured, incorporating a diverse mix of movement, discussion and writing, which explained self care in different ways. I felt supported and heard within the group and Vaishali made sure we were all comfortable throughout. A wonderful experience - thank you so much!” - (A- musician, London.)


"I had never heard of yoga nidra before, what an experience! Vaishali was attentive and made sure we were all comfortable. I would definitely love to practise more yoga going forward" (yoga nidra participant)

"thank you so much for the self care time. SO needed this!!" (self care workshop participant)

"How wonderful to dance care free in the self care workshop! I was quite nervous at first but then I felt I was challenging myself and it was so great. I want to come to more of these workshops, when is the next one?! Thank you!!" (self care workshop participant)


"The 8 week self care programme changed my life. I am a completely different person from when I first started the course. Thank you so much for supporting us, thank you for all the creativity and arts, thank you for listening to us and creating a space where we always felt safe. I have made friends in the course and I am taking away with me resources that I will always use. I especially loved the inner child work. Thank you so much! " (participant)

"Absolutely loved creating the affirmation magnets!!"

"The training was so valuable to us as school staff and professionals. I feel much more confident in knowing where to get support and advice and where to refer students on" (forced marriage training).